As one might imagine, the prayer needs are immense in this region of the world.  We ask that you would include these individuals, initiatives and organizations in your prayers.

Many of the Christians we bring to India wish to travel to other local countries after their time in India.  The most popular destinations are Sri Lanka, Thailand, Maldives and Nepal.

In 2017, we met Laxi in Sri Lanka.  He was a Buddhist at the time and a desperate young man.  He has since been regenerated by the Holy Spirit and now serves the Lord faithfully.  He is continually being harassed, chastised and even beaten by villagers due to his faith and his attempts at sharing the Gospel. 

Please add Laxi to your daily prayers.

In the village of Paddapai, Nimi & Suresh have faithfully served the Lord and countless orphans.  Please pray for the children and the ministry that has impacted so many through the years.  Likewise, they minister and proclaim the Gospel to a tribal village near the orphanage.  Please add Nimi, Suresh, the children and their ministry to your daily prayers. 

Also in the village of Paddapai, we request prayers for the ministry of pastor Swamy Joshua (pictured right with me in the orange shirt).  Please pray for his safe travel (he drives on a scooter 2 hours/day from the city to this remote village to serve the needs of his congregation).  Likewise, prayers for the growth of the ministry, for the congregants who are under local persecution for being Christians and additional funding for a vehicle.

We request prayers for our main ministry partner in Chennai, India:  Christian Missions Charitable Trust

In particular, please add the leadership (for wisdom and discernment), workers (for dedication and commitment), children (for growth in their faith and knowledge of the Lord) and for adequate financial resources to fund the over 27 separate ministry programs.

One of the ministries nearest to our hearts is the Soup Kitchen ministry.  When we bring fellow Christians to India, this is one of the ministries that impacts them most.  The plight of the widows, who have been cast out of their families and society, is one that needs your urgent prayers.  These women are fed once/day, both physically and spiritually.  Please pray for the workers who also tirelessly prepare meals and nurture these ladies weekly.

Due to COVID, our outreach opportunities into local universities has been halted until the routines of life “return to normal”.  We pray that the Lord will open new opportunities to reach those at the university-level.