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“There is a generation of professing Christians now-a-days, who seem to know nothing of caring for their neighbors, and are completely swallowed up in the concerns of number one— that is, their own and their family’s. They eat, and drink, and sleep, and dress, and work, and earn money, and spend money, year after year; and whether others are happy or miserable, well or ill, converted or unconverted, traveling towards Heaven or toward Hell — appear to be questions about which they are totally indifferent. Can this be right? Can it be reconciled with the religion of Him who spoke the parable of the good Samaritan, and bade us “go and do likewise”? (Luke 10:37). I doubt it altogether.” ~ J C Ryle, Practical Religion, 1878.
TX group taking a much needed break
NYC group preparing for chapel worship
Our visiting dentist finding his calling